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Familiar atmosphere at the Langbruckgut

Gastgeber Maria & Hans-Peter
Gastgeber Resi & Hans


Hans-Peter grew up with his 3 siblings on the organic farm und discovered his passion for nature and animals. His hobby is the beekeeping. Due to his passion for animals, he loves his bees and provides his guests delicious honey. He is also responsible for the other animals on the farm, the agricultural work, stable work as well as the work in fields and forests. He turned his hobby into his profession – in addition to his work on the farm, Hans-Peter works in a carpentry as master carpenter.


Maria lives on the oranic farm Langbruckgut since 2009. Since 2010, she is married to Hans-Peter. Before she gave birth to her daughter Lara-Marie, she attended the commercial academy and passed her A-levels. Then she worked in an office. Now she is responsible for the room rental and the delicacies in the kitchen. Therefore, she only uses organic products from their farm. Since July 2015, their son Julius makes the family complete. In her new job, Maria especially appreciates the diversity and the contact to the guests. In addition, she is keen to make your holiday an unforgettable memory and the kids Lara-Marie and Julius are looking forward to having new playfellows.


As a loving granny, Resi is responsible for garden work and she passionately cares for the beautiful flowers around the farm. If you have questions about hiking tours, don’t hesitate to contact Resi. She will definitly give you some good advice and your holiday turns out to be an unforgettable memory. Together with Maria, she prepares the delicacies in the kitchen and in addition, she supports her husband Hans and their son Hans-Peter in doing the stable work. You can say she is acting as the good soul of the house.


Together with his son Hans-Peter, Hans is responsible for all agricultural work. Due to his skillful craftmanship, he carries out repairs on the organic farm. His passion are the fruit trees – he loves to produce delicious schnapps in his schnapps distillery. From time to time, some of his noble drops can be tasted, preferably in a convivial gathering.

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